Offensive Strategy

Learn from the Past… Prepare for the Future!

It’s past time to take the fight to the enemy, COVID-19.  CIMR Systems play a Vital role in the development of a Multi-Layer Offensive Strategy in the fight against Future Biological Threats.


Engineered Solutions

History has shown us that in order to Protect our Country and Our Way of Life, we MUST develop and deploy an Offensive Weapon to defend and protect our nation against the biological threats of the future.

Today, technologically advanced CIMR Scavenger Systems are the Offensive Weapon of Choice in a Multi-Layer Offensive Strategy.  When deployed, CIMR Systems Shield our people and critical infrastructure from the health and economic impacts of future biological threats.

Our Team of specialists stand ready to assist in the engineering and deployment of CIMR Systems to protect personnel and infrastructure.

Detect. Engage. Destroy.

CIMR Scavenger Sentinels constantly stand ready to Detect potentially harmful biological threats, immediately Engage the threat, and Destroy pathogens as they invade Protected Air Spaces.

CIMR Scavenger Sentinels

CIMR Technology uses humidity in the air to create a safety net of charged hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) plasma that disperses throughout shared air spaces to protect occupants.  The supercharged H2O2 Plasma acts as Scavenger Sentinels that stand guard to Detect, Engage, and Destroy biological threats before they can cause damage.  

CIMR Plasma eliminates pathogens by Inactivating (tasing) them as the charged plasma contacts the pathogen then Destroys it by blasting through the cell membrane allowing enzymes and RNA to leak out causing the pathogen to die.

Proven Results

Recent testing by the US Military, University of Texas, and Kansas State University have proven the ability of CIMR Plasma technology to control the spread of infection by destroying pathogens as they are introduced into Protected Air Spaces and maintaining the viral load within safe levels.

CIMR Shield

CIMR SHIELD is a protection policy that not only involves CIMR equipment but also a host of other benefits.  These include Real-Time Air Monitoring, Threat Level Analysis and Consultation, Always On Guard Protection, Rapid Emergency Response Systems, among other vital services.


Properly engineered and deployed CIMR Systems create an Offensive Weapon to continuously battle pathogens and Break the Chain of Infection.


At-risk people require more than basic protection against airborne pathogens.  Advanced CIMR systems protect high-risk people by safely and continuously treating the air with low-level hydrogen peroxide plasma to minimize viral particles and provide clean, safe air for building occupants.


Since most transmission occurs by breathing infected air and many viral particles are too small to be filtered out, steps must be taken to reduce the number of viral particles before we breathe them in.  To be effective, air treatment systems must work continuously to eliminate pathogens as they are introduced into the shared air spaces.  The advanced hydrogen peroxide plasma technology used in CIMR systems inactivate and destroy pathogens as they are introduced into protected air spaces.


Threats from germs, viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergens are all around us.  Most of them are harmless but, some can cause serious health problems.  Properly installed CIMR systems use advanced hydrogen peroxide plasma technology to safely and continuously eliminate potentially harmful threats.


Infectious diseases such as COVID-19 are primarily spread through shared indoor air.  Providing clean, primarily spread through shared indoor air.  Providing clean, safe air in occupied buildings reduces the potential spread of these diseases.  CIMR systems provide building occupants with clean, safe air by continuously destroying pathogens as they are introduced into shared air spaces.


Potentially dangerous pathogens are all around us.  They exist in the air we breathe, surfaces we touch, on our skin, and on the food we eat.  Protecting our health demands we address these potential threats from all sources.  CIMR systems represent the most advanced and effective technology available for treating the air with low-level hydrogen peroxide plasma to continuously eliminate pathogens in the air and on every surface.


PPE such as masks and Administrative controls such as social distancing can provide some protection against the spread of infectious diseases.  Reducing the number of viral particles in the air and on surfaces provides a much higher level of protection.  CIMR systems treat the air and protect shared air spaces by reducing and maintaining the number of viral particles to a safe level.


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