CIMR Technology for Military Applications

As part of a Multi-Layered Defense Model, CIMR Active Pathogen Scavenging Technology continuously treats shared air spaces with a self-regulating amount of molecular Hydrogen Peroxide destroying pathogens and reducing airborne and surface pathogens.

 CIMR is currently installed at over 150 Military installations ensuring our nation’s combat readiness by protecting military personnel and families.

Proudly made in the USA; SAMS registered, DUNS #361906964

Keeping Personnel and Their Families Safe

Our team of experts in the areas of indoor air quality bring years of knowledge and insight for military applications.


Increasing Combat Readiness During COVID-19

Combining PPE, self-awareness, and CIMR Scavenger technology can defeat the COVID-19 outbreak and improve combat readiness by providing Safe Shared Air Spaces across multiple Military Applications.

Protecting Shared Air Spaces

CIMR Scavengers are on guard 24/7/365 destroying pathogens as soon as they are introduced into Protected Air Spaces.

MTF Protection

Protecting our Military Treatment Facilities, Health Care Professionals, and Service Members

Command and Control

Providing safe, secure Shared Air Spaces across all types of Command and Control facilities

Transportation Safety

Protecting the shared air spaces in personnel occupied vehicles

Multi-Layered Air Defense Strategy

Protecting shared air in critical military infrastructure

Military Housing

Protecting our military personnel and their families at home.

Engineered Solutions

Custom engineered solutions to protect indoor air quality and safeguard personnel

CIMR Technology Goals

Our Mission:  To work side-by-side with the US Military in the development and implementation of a Multi-Layered Air Defense Strategy to combat the current COVID-19 pandemic and provide solutions designed to protect critical infrastructure against future threats.

Our team of indoor air quality specialists stands ready to assist in the deployment of solutions to;  protect shared air spaces against viral and bacterial transmission, reduce allergens, eliminate mold problems, control odors.

Proven Technology

CIMR® has been tested and proven by multiple US government entities, including US Military Facilities (Army, Air Force, and the Navy), US Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, and the National Historical Society.  Other entities such as Lamar University in Beaumont Texas, Texas Educational System, and National Insurance Companies have used CIMR® to protect their facilities against harmful mold and other microbial threats.

Join the fight!

Invest in the future strength of the US Military and military personnel, in their fight to protect our nation, constitution, and the American way of life.  

Strong US Military Personnel

Keep our number one weapon safe and ready to deploy.

Defending our Nation one air space at a time.